Populicerus populi

The National Biodiversity Network records are shown on the map below. (See terms and conditions)

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The following datasets are included:

  • Dorset Environmental Records Centre - Dorset SSSI Species Records 1952 - 2004 (Natural England)
  • Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre - BRERC species records within last 15 years
  • Nottinghamshire Biological and Geological Records Centre - UK abstract from Nottingham City Museums & Galleries (NCMG) Insect Collection Baseline database
  • Royal Horticultural Society - Records from the RHS insect reference collection
  • Merseyside BioBank - Merseyside BioBank (unverified)
  • Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre - Wiltshire & Swindon Site-based Survey Records
  • Surrey Biodiversity Information Centre - Surrey Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves - Tranche 1 Species Records
  • Worcestershire Biological Records Centre - Natural England species data for SSSI within Worcestershire from date of notification to present
  • Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre - Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre invertebrate species observations for Cumbria for the period 1500 to 2014
  • Highland Biological Recording Group - HBRG Insects Dataset
  • Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service - Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service (SBIS) Dataset
  • Natural England - Invertebrate Site Register - England (1738-2005).
  • Staffordshire Ecological Record - SER Species-based Surveys
  • Tullie House Museum - Tullie House Museum Natural History Collections
  • Rotherham Biological Records Centre - Rotherham Biological Records Centre - Non-sensitive Records from all taxonomic groups
  • Kent & Medway Biological Records Centre - Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Records for Kent
  • National Trust - Wicken Fen nature reserve species data held by The National Trust
  • Worcestershire Biological Records Centre - WBRC Species data for Worcestershire collated by date
  • Lancashire Environment Record Network - LERN Records
  • South East Wales Biodiversity Records Centre - SEWBReC Hemiptera - True Bugs (South East Wales)
  • Natural Resources Wales - Welsh Invertebrate Database (WID)
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - Non-sensitive records from all taxonomic groups
  • Shropshire Ecological Data Network - Shropshire Ecological Data Network database